SCADAfence launched comprehensive solution for IT/OT governance


On February 25, operational technology company SCADAfence announced the launch of their governance portal. The product saw a soft launch a few months ago and has since been recognized with the Cutting Edge Compliance award by Infosec Awards. Since the announcement of those awards at RSA Conference 2020 on February 24, Scadafence is officially launching their new product. [optin-monster-shortcode id=”dv4jqlr9fih8giagcylw”]

“SCADAfence has combined its experience in safeguarding industrial control systems across many sectors with a constantly updated governance product,” Scadafence CEO Elad Ben-Meir, said in a release. “We designed the Governance Portal to automate the tedious process of adhering to compliance requirements, covering both central and distributed/remote sites. Our customers have been extremely excited about the launch of this product as it saves them precious time and resources, while assisting them in reducing their attack surface and doing so based on industry best practices.”

The portal is a single one-stop solution that enables real-time monitoring and compliance for IT and OT users. It also ensures compliance with relevant regulations such as IEC62443, NERC CIP, NIS NCSC, the NIST framework and other frameworks.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal continuously monitors compliance enforcement over time across all sites – identifying each gap and bottleneck. The SCADAfence Governance Portal automatically discovers and creates an accurate asset list of all ICS devices. This supports the IT and OT departments that typically manage cybersecurity standards compliances across the organization, as they are now legally required to monitor standards compliance in remote OT locations.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal – Features Overview:

  • Multi-site regulatory and policy compliance framework.
  • Compliance policy manager – define required compliance standards.
  • Organizational policies compliance management.
  • Compliance dashboards – automatically created and available at all times for compliance visibility.
  • Detailed Reports – drill down in each site and each improvement opportunity.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal – Advantages:

  • Increase readiness and compliance for organizational policies and regulatory compliance.
  • Regulatory assessment is based on real traffic data.
  • Enables end-to-end management of the compliance process across the organization.
  • Ready-to-use compliance dashboards and reports for managerial and regulative use.
  • Enables gradual enforcement process, with flexible policy options.

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