Honeywell AMIR service bolsters OT cybersecurity detection, operational resilience

Honeywell AMIR

Honeywell introduced its Honeywell AMIR (Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response) service tailored towards assisting IT and operational technology (OT) security teams to counter highly evolved cyber attacks that target industrial control systems (ICS) and OT networks due to a lack of expertise or budget constraints.

The Honeywell AMIR service is integrated with the company’s broader Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity portfolio, designed to help further strengthen cyber defenses for operating environments. The AMIR service is already being deployed at multiple sites worldwide to help companies boost their cybersecurity. Available 24/7 for detection and rapid response to current and emerging cyber threats, the service is cost-effective, easy to deploy and scalable.

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity platform improves cybersecurity performance, either at a single site or across multiple sites, by increasing visibility into vulnerabilities and threats, enabling proactive action to mitigate risks and improving cybersecurity management efficiency. Its software solution improves OT cybersecurity performance across an enterprise by adopting a single platform for multi-site OT cybersecurity operations, and vendor-neutral solutions that help strengthen cyber defenses, regardless of the control system. 

AMIR is part of Honeywell Forge Managed Security Services (MSS), an end-to-end security as a service solution that helps protect OT environments, control systems and operations. In comparison, other third-party MSS providers and in-house solutions may rely either on basic monitoring that doesn’t employ a proactive approach to securing critical OT assets and operations or on IT security operation centers that lack OT domain knowledge and expertise in different industrial protocols and assets.

Honeywell AMIR analyzes indicators of compromise (IoC) and alerts operators to potential problems before significant damage can occur. Through the use of proprietary technology, AMIR collects, correlates, prioritizes and analyzes security events and log data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive approach to better minimize cyber risk and support cybersecurity compliance.

“Honeywell’s Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response solution provides a combination of advanced cybersecurity software, experts, and playbooks with remediation guidance in order to better detect, prevent, analyze, evaluate and coordinate the response to cybersecurity threats occurring within OT environments,” Jeff Zindel, vice president and general manager at Honeywell Connected Enterprise Cybersecurity, said in a press statement

“Staffed by cybersecurity experts with specific OT experience, AMIR offers a tremendous resource to complement any existing IT/OT cybersecurity program and help ease the burden of cybersecurity challenges,” Zindel added.

Last November, Honeywell struck a cybersecurity deal to integrate the strengths of Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity software, professional consulting and managed security services with Nozomi Networks’ OT capabilities to provide users access to offerings that manage cybersecurity compliance and bring down the risk of downtime due to cyberattacks. Nozomi’s OT and IoT threat and anomaly detection capabilities supplement the Honeywell Forge lineup to assist users in identifying and responding to cyber threats before they penetrate their OT network.

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