Honeywell boosts operational technology cybersecurity with Nozomi Networks alliance

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity

Honeywell has entered into a cybersecurity deal to integrate the strengths of Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity software, professional consulting and managed security services with Nozomi Networks’ operational technology (OT) capabilities. With this partnership, users get access to offerings that manage cybersecurity compliance and bring down the risk of downtime due to cyberattacks.

Nozomi’s OT and IoT threat and anomaly detection supplements the Honeywell Forge lineup to assist users in identifying and responding to cyber threats before they penetrate their OT network, according to diversified technology and manufacturing company Honeywell. In addition, vulnerability assessment capabilities help customers identify OT devices that can be exploited in cyberattacks. With Nozomi’s asset discovery capabilities, users can employ active and passive techniques to single out OT and IoT assets.

Users can choose to have Nozomi’s software solutions installed directly by Honeywell as either a stand-alone offering or as part of a more comprehensive Honeywell Forge offering, Honeywell said. For those who might not have the resources to support day-to-day security operations, the Nozomi offering can be accessed through Honeywell Forge Managed Security Services.

With industrial businesses shifting towards connected operations, having a multi-site enterprise cybersecurity strategy requires a new approach. As the enterprises move towards digital transformation, these environments are pushing for greater consistency and protection across OT environments, Honeywell, in Charlotte, North Carolina, said. These offerings also comply with industry standards and support regulatory compliance, while remaining easy to use by teams stretched with increased responsibilities.

The Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity offering simplifies cybersecurity for industrial operators by combining commonly-needed OT security capabilities in a single software solution, and strengthens security of industrial assets by merging essentials of cybersecurity operations with advanced asset security management. It also scales cyber investments with grow-as-you-go software that continually delivers more security and operations management capabilities.

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity software brings to its users multi-site secure connectivity needs, and cybersecurity operations management features that include secure remote access with advanced granular controls engineered for industrial environments. It also enables secure content transfer with built-in file-based threat detection, asset discovery, inventory, monitoring and alerting, software patch and antivirus management, besides risk and compliance management.

“Amid escalating cybersecurity threats to industrial targets, our partnership with Honeywell delivers a more complete and vendor-neutral cybersecurity offering that OT environments require,” said Nozomi Networks CEO Edgard Capdevielle. “The offering delivers robust remote access security and patch management with rich network visibility and security capabilities from Nozomi Networks.”

Honeywell enhanced in June its Forge Cybersecurity Suite to help ensure business continuity in the face of mounting cyberthreats, uncertain global business conditions and continued supply chain disruption associated with remote operations, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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