November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month in the US

November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month in the US

United States President Donald Trump has declared the month of November as Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. As part of the greater Infrastructure Security Month, this year, CISA will spend the month focusing on the global pandemic and the future of securing critical infrastructure.

“Critical infrastructure provides the foundation for our national security and prosperity,” Trump said in a proclamation. “During Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, we renew our commitment to protecting and securing our Nation’s essential systems for food and water, healthcare and public health, electric power supplies, emergency services, telecommunications, transportation, government and banking services, the administration of elections, and beyond.  These vital functions and services are powered by a broad ecosystem of critical infrastructure assets, systems, networks, and workers, and underpin our American way of life.”

CISA is reminding critical infrastructure organizations around the country to update  operating systems and security software as soon as updates are available, use complex passwords, implement cyber training for employees, and get educated on what they  can do to prevent phishing/ransomware attacks.

“While advances in technology have enhanced the safety, security, and comprehensive integration of our Nation’s critical infrastructure, vulnerabilities still exist, particularly those that can be exploited by cyber adversaries,” Trump said. “ Manipulation of our data networks can interfere with healthcare, financial, and government services.  Interruption of the electric power grid can disrupt water and food supplies, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation.  Our Nation relies on these complex and interdependent networks to sustain our economic growth and ensure public health and security.”

Organizations looking to take action to ensure the country’s critical infrastructure is safe, secure, and resilient should download CISA’s Infrastructure toolkit. The toolkit includes information on how to promote critical infrastructure resilience awareness and security.

“During Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, we recommit to staying alert and continuously adapting to evolving threats and hazards, promoting the security of all critical infrastructure systems, and boosting resilience to potential disruptions, in partnership with State, local, Tribal, and private organizations,” Trump said in the proclamation. “ We thank the incredible workers who are on the frontlines night and day to sustain our vital systems, functions, and services, and we recognize that each and every American can help protect and strengthen our country’s critical infrastructure.”

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