Nozomi, NanoLock provide cyber protection, management to industrial infrastructure

industrial infrastructure

Industrial cybersecurity company Nozomi Networks has partnered with NanoLock Security to deliver an end-to-end cyber protection and management solution that secures operational technology (OT) in critical and industrial infrastructure.

The Nozomi-NanoLock product brings a holistic approach that adds NanoLock’s device-level protection and forensic data to Nozomi Networks’ advanced network visibility, threat, vulnerability and anomaly detection, benefiting both the OT and IoT environments, the companies said on Wednesday.

The integrated product will provide lightweight, passive cyberattack prevention for devices such as smart meters, data concentrators, and controllers, with near-zero processing, power requirements and memory footprint, along with anomaly detection covering the network, as well as IoT and OT devices. It also features unified alerts and deeper device-level, as well as network-level forensic data, centralized device visibility, risk monitoring, and intelligence management, and offers secured and enforced OTA (Over-The-Air) device updates.

The joint solution will be deployed in the Atlantica Cybernext Security Operations Center (SOC) to deliver technologically advanced solutions for securing business and infrastructure. Typically meant for medium and large companies, telecom companies, energy and utilities, banks, insurance, and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), the SOC is based on ETSI standards, comes with harmonized ICT security, incident management standards, and internationally recognized ISO certifications.

“We’re teaming with NanoLock to strengthen utilities’ defenses against cyberattacks, using robust device and network-level detection and protection alongside extensive network visibility and risk assessment,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi’s senior vice president of business development and alliances.

“We’re delighted to partner with Nozomi Networks to introduce a broader IoT and OT cybersecurity solution,” said Yanir Laubshtein, NanoLock’s vice president of cyber solutions. “We see a critical need for a cybersecurity solution that starts at the device level and spans the network to bring comprehensive detection, protection, and management. Our joint offering addresses that need, while also bringing operational efficiency analytics to critical and industrial infrastructure.”

Last month, a report published by Lloyd’s in partnership with cyber analytics specialist CyberCube and reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter revealed that IoT devices are increasing the risk of cyberattacks to industrial and manufacturing businesses.

As bridges are increasingly being built between IT and OT frameworks, along with increases in automation and sophistication of threat actors, it is paramount that insurers and reinsurers carefully consider where major losses may occur, Lloyd said. With the increasing numbers and sophistication of cyber threats, it is becoming important for insurers to understand these emerging risks in order to keep pace with their clients’ exposures.

Earlier this week, Nozomi integrated with Tempered Networks to provide a security offering that focuses on network visibility, threat detection, and remediation in industrial infrastructure. The product integration will include the ability of Tempered Airwall platform to mirror secure traffic to Nozomi’s solutions through a fully encrypted overlay for greater analysis and insight.

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