Nozomi’s Vantage platform enhances OT/IoT network monitoring and visibility

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Nozomi Networks announced the full availability of its scalable SaaS platform Vantage that accelerates digital transformation for the largest and most complex distributed networks.

Using the cloud-based OT and IoT network monitoring and visibility security offering designed to meet evolving requirements of IoT-enabled infrastructures, the Vantage platform delivers the immediate awareness of cyber threats, risks, and anomalies users need to detect and respond quickly to, and ensure cyber resilience, the OT security company said Tuesday.

“Vantage delivers security and visibility via a cloud-based platform designed to fully unleash the power of digital transformation,” said Andrea Carcano, Nozomi’s co-founder, in a press statement. “Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations must be able to quickly and cost-effectively protect thousands of devices from threats in real-time and ensure ongoing operational resilience.”

The Vantage platform follows on the company’s announcement last October. At the time, Nozomi released details of the SaaS (software as a service)-based offering designed for massive scalability and high-performance data analytics. It promises to deliver a single view and network mapping, so customers can immediately visualize all of their globally distributed OT and IoT assets.

Nozomi acknowledges that today’s OT networks are very different from OT networks that existed about ten years back. “They now include many IT machines and IoT devices like cameras, tablets, phones, badge-based access control units and barcode readers,” wrote Carcano in a company blog post. “Not to mention many IoT sensors at the field level. Sure, pure-play devices like PLCs are different, but the two network types are converging very quickly.”

With the rising number of connected IoT devices, increasing the attack surface, and making the volume of devices and data that need network monitoring very high, users cannot secure their OT networks without also securing the IT and IoT devices on it.

IT security teams have found that cloud-based security delivered through a SaaS platform can manage cyber risks while decreasing complexity and cost. The introduction of the Vantage platform brings those benefits to operational and industrial networks, as well as assists enterprises in accelerating digital transformation and enhancing operational resilience.

The Vantage platform helps in asset discovery and network visualization of all OT and IoT assets and in the monitoring of the behavior of the networks for improved awareness, Nozomi said. It also provides detailed insights into asset behavior, roles, protocols, and data flows. This helps to eliminate blind spots and increases awareness with automated asset inventory, and generates macro views and delivers detailed information on assets and connections.

With the platform, users have access to vulnerability assessment and risk monitoring of OT, IoT and IT protocols. It ensures that networks and automation systems have no critical blind spots in protection, and provides quick access to OT/IoT risk data, according to Nozomi.

Using Nozomi’s deep industrial expertise to help organizations control TCO (total cost of ownership) with streamlined cybersecurity integrations, the Vantage platform scales across multi-vendor environments to centralize security, visibility and network monitoring across all assets for improved cyber resiliency.

With its OT and IoT Threat Detection, the Vantage platform combines behavior-based anomaly detection with signature-based threat detection for comprehensive risk monitoring. Its subscription pricing makes it easier to scale and control costs as requirements grow.

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