OT/ICS vendors offer free products and services through COVID-19 outbreak


Updated April 25 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting organizations around the globe in a variety of ways. However, as more and more employees are forced to work remotely, industrial control system operators and those overseeing operational technology are finding themselves struggling to manage.

As a result, a number of OT/ICS cybersecurity vendors are offering free products, support, and other services to help operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s a current list of the available offerings. We will continue to monitor and update this page.

Any vendors offering (no catch) products or services during this time, please let us know via the contact us and we can add you to this resource list.

Vendor Offer Summary Link
Bayshore Networks remote access Bayshore Networks is offering free 90-day remote access to help operations control remote access into OT networks and critical assets. Link
BeyondTrust secure remote access BeyondTrust is offering five licenses of its Secure Remote Access solutions free for 90 days to help organizations support an increased remote workforce. Link
Cyberbit remote training To help the community support their teams Cyberbit has decided to offer $100,000 worth of free, live cyberattack simulation training on the cloud-based Cyber Range. The exercises are delivered remotely by experienced cyber range instructors. Trainees can join from their home or office, by connecting to a cloud-based virtual SOC to practice responding to live cyberattacks. Link
EC-Council anti-phishing platform EC-Council is stepping up to help the business community protect itself from phishing attacks by providing free access to its OhPhish Anti-Phishing platform. Organizations can simulate attacks on their remote workforce and strengthen employee security awareness making team alert and resilient. Link
GE Digital remote monitoring and control GE Digital is offering free Remote Monitoring and Control licenses to its iFIX and CIMPLICITY customers, empowering them to work remotely and continue to keep their plants running during this time. The web-based solution gives plant operators and management teams real-time monitoring and control access to plant operations and performance over a secure-by-design connection such as VPN. This allows critical infrastructure to operate with a reduced crew on site, while being able to coordinate with their wider teams remotely. Link
Israel Electric Corporation SophicAID- Free consultation sessions IECyber, the cyber branch of Israel Electric, is offering critical infrastructures free consultancy sessions with our cyber experts through July 15th,  2020 on cyber crisis management, secured remote access , and overall  OT systems cyber sturdiness. The consultation will focus on your specific needs, on subjects such as:

  1. OT Management- ICS cyber kill chain, pinpointing weaknesses especially relevant during times of crisis.
  2. Managing during crisis – significant steps in an organizational buildup of effective cyber sturdiness.
  3. OT management solutions such as secure remote access for SCADA systems, and Secure file sanitation and transfer for SCADA systems.
  4. Second Opinion Services – Fast, professional second opinion/validation of various cyber issues based on the organization’s existing materials (plans, assessments, consulting).
Owl Cyber Defense remote HMI/screen view software Owl is offering free access to its remote HMI/screen view software tool called Virtual Screen View. This tool works in conjunction with any Owl data diode and allows remote users to see user interface screens at any remote location, allowing secure, virtual visibility into plants, enclaves, or other facilities. Link
PAS e-learning courses PAS has decided to make all PAS University (self-paced) e-learning courses available for no charge through June 30, 2020. Choose from courses such as: Alarm Management for Operations, Resolving Your Alarms – Advanced Alarming, How to Identify Misconfigured Alarm Limits, Managing Your Control System Configuration, and An Introduction to Cyber Security. Link
Radiflow iSID Monitoring for OT Networks 1. Radiflow’s iSID Detection & Analysis Platform provides proactive cybersecurity for critical infrastructures through non-intrusive monitoring of distributed production networks for changes in topology and behavior.

iSID’s multiple security engines offer capabilities pertaining to specific type of network activity: modeling and visibility of OT and IT devices, protocols and sessions; detection of threats and attacks; policy monitoring and validation of operational parameters; rules-based maintenance management; and networked device management.

Radiflow are offering this service free of charge for 90 days.

iRISK Security Assessment for OT Networks based on IEC 62443 Improve network management and increase threat-mitigation ROI with business-driven Industrial Risk Analytics
Each and every asset, protocol, port or other network element in an industrial network introduces an inherent amount of risk.
The amount of risk reflects the vulnerability of the asset to known threats and the criticality of the business process the asset belongs to, and is available in the form of a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) document.For operators seeking to further optimize their risk mitigation expenditure, Radiflow’s iRISK Industrial Risk Analytics solution provides the actual impact of the introduced risk, which can be quantified either monetarily or based on its health, environment and safety (HSE) effects. Offered as a cloud service, the iRISK analytics process can be done either continually or on an ad-hoc basis, without the need for on-site permanent deployment.Radiflow offer this service free of charge.
SCADAfence OT Security Platform
OT Remote Access Security
Professional Services
1. Offering Our Full OT Security Platform For Free For 1 Month (Extendable to 3 Months) This free offering includes a consultation with our cybersecurity experts (from our executive consultant team), assistance in installing our security platform and a full review session of all security findings in the platform.  Ongoing monitoring and network management is also provided for the next 30 days (or until the pandemic is over.) No strings attached, no purchase necessary.

2. OT Remote Access Security

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of the global workforce has transitioned to working remotely. Our R&D team immediately began developing this new solution to become an enabler for safe remote access to critical OT environments. This new solution correlates between remote network activities and users, provides detailed insights on every remote user activity, and can also disconnect suspicious remote connections. More details here 

3. Professional Services – Managed OT Security While Working Remotely

As organizations now have limited personnel (& budget) we’re offering our security solution as a fully managed service for OT Networks. We monitor the customer’s network, analyze all of the findings, and contact them only if a specific action item is required. This includes daily managerial reports and weekly calls with our dedicated team of analysts (from our customer success team) and we have geared up accordingly to provide this managed service with 24-7 monitoring.  More details here 

Waterfall Security Remote screen view Waterfall is making Remote Screen View product licenses available to new and existing Unidirectional Security Gateway customers at no cost, through the end of September 2020. The Remote Screen View product is part of the Unidirectional Security Gateway product line and provides safe remote support to protected industrial sites, even across the Internet. Link

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