Headlines from RSA Conference 2020 Day One

SCADAfence wins, OPSWAT launches Amazon store, Mocana targets the supply chain

This week, Industrial Cyber is bringing you the latest news from the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Calif. The annual event brings together the world’s top cybersecurity professionals and business leaders to discuss emerging trends in the industry and prepare for future threats. [optin-monster-shortcode id=”dv4jqlr9fih8giagcylw”]

RSA Conference 2020 is a marketplace for the latest technologies and hands-on educational opportunities, giving industry professionals the tools they need to make their companies more secure. This year’s event features dozens of keynote speakers, 500 sessions and nearly 700 exhibitors from across the industry.

“In its 29-year history, RSA Conference has evolved to meet new demands of the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. But one thing has always remained constant, and that’s the importance of the human element in driving the industry forward,” Linda Gray Martin, RSA Conference’s senior director and general manager, said in a February 24 press release. “We’re excited to yet again gather the most innovative and inspiring cybersecurity professionals and provide a forum for them to collaborate in our fight against the latest cyber threats.”

Here’s a look at the headlines from day one of RSA Conference 2020.

SCADAfence wins 3 awards at RSA 2020

In a special annual edition delivered at RSA Conference 2020, Cyber Defense Magazine announced the winners of this year’s InfoSec Awards. Among the winners is SCADAfence, a cybersecurity company specializing in operational and Internet of Things technology.

SCADAfence received awards in the categories of Cutting Edge ICS/SCADA Security, Next Gen Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Cutting Edge Compliance.

“We’re thrilled to receive one of the most prestigious and coveted cybersecurity awards in the world from Cyber Defense Magazine” Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence, said in a press release. “We knew the competition would be tough and fierce. We couldn’t be more pleased to be recognized as Infosec Innovators and leaders in the industry.”

The company was recognized for being the first OT and IoT security company to provide a governance and compliance portal. The judges also noted the company’s unique Micro Granular Baseline technology and it’s SCADAfence Platform which features 100 percent deep packet analysis

“SCADAfence embodies three major features the judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats, today, providing a cost-effective solution and innovating in unexpected ways that can help stop the next breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

OPSWAT launches Amazon store for critical infrastructure protection

Critical infrastructure cybersecurity company OPSWAT announced the launch of a new online Amazon storefront. The new Amazon store is designed to streamline the procurement process by helping security teams more easily purchase OPSWAT’s solutions.

Initially, the store will feature two editions of OPSWAT’s latest MetaDefender Drive, a USB drive that creates a portable perimeter for critical infrastructure to meet compliance and regulatory standards for high-security environments. The technology helps organizations secure critical infrastructure and their supply chain by identifying compromised transient devices.

“With the launch of the OPSWAT store on Amazon, we’re bringing the convenience and ease of the world’s friendliest e-commerce experience to the enterprise security and critical infrastructure protection market,” Yiyi Miao, Senior Vice President of Products at OPSWAT, said in a press release. “There’s no need to go through a procurement process or put in a request for a bulk order. Instead, you can simply purchase what you want, when you need it, with no delay.”

Mocana launches cyber protection as a service

OT cybersecurity provider Mocana has announced the launch of a new cyber protection solution. Mocana TrustCenter 2020, is end-to-end cyber protection as a service solution for trustworthy systems.

The solution is designed for the supply chain of silicon chipset makers, equipment manufacturers, certification authorities, and operators. The integrated operations platform and development platform enable digital privacy, data protection and data sharing.

“The IT/OT digital divide renders traditional detection strategies ineffective against threats from sophisticated hackers and nation-state actors,” Mocana President David Smith said in a press release. “With escalating cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and IoT, enterprises delivering mission- and safety-critical services are grappling with the imperative to implement scalable and cost-effective protection controls in their automation and control instrumentation. Mocana TrustCenter and TrustPoint make it easier to implement, scale and orchestrate a higher degree of security on devices. The benefits of supply chain protection, tamper-resistant content delivery and operational integrity monitoring for auditability, deliver significant cost reductions compared to today’s manual, purpose-built tools and patch management systems.

Malware, vulnerabilities targeting OT systems surge

Increasing threats of vulnerabilities are steadily rising, particularly in sensitive areas such as OT systems and network devices, putting vital infrastructure at risk, according to data released by Skybox Research

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