The attack was reported via social media after data indicated network connectivity disruptions.

According to several reports, this week, Iranian servers and websites tied to the oil sector were hit by a cyber attack. The attack was first reported via social media after data showed networks in Iran were experiencing internet connectivity disruptions.

The purported attack was initially reported by NetBlocks, a non-governmental organization, founded in 2017, that monitors cybersecurity and the governance of the internet.

“Confirmed: Network data show intermittent disruptions to internet connectivity in #Iran from 6:30 PM UTC amid reports of disruptions and outages affecting online industrial and government platforms; limited impact affecting specific providers; root cause not yet established,” NetBlocks wrote in a post on social media site Twitter.

According to NetBlocks, four Iranian networks went offline over a three hour period on Friday evening.

“Data are consistent with a cyber-attack or unplanned technical incident on affected networks as opposed to a purposeful withdrawal or shutdown incident,” NetBlocks wrote in another tweet.

Despite the evidence, the Iranian government has denied such an attack occurred.

“Contrary to Western media claims, investigations done today show no successful cyber attack was made on the country’s oil installations and other crucial infrastructure,” the Iranian government’s cyber security office said in an official statement.

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Oil Sector Hit by Cyber Attack


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