OTORIO debuts remOT to secure supply chain connectivity to the industrial sector

OTORIO industrial remote access software

OTORIO has launched remOT, its remote access offering that provides improved security between the supply chain network and in-house industrial assets, by giving access to assets and services within the industrial network only to authorized remote personnel. This move will reduce risks caused by unauthorized or malicious access, and provide monitoring and control to keep networks safe from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. [optin-monster-shortcode id=”dv4jqlr9fih8giagcylw”]

As industrial IoT/OT offerings have transformed the traditional industrial landscape, the supply chain network is increasingly used to boost productivity levels on the production floor. Enterprises have often had to build their supply chains and ecosystems using third-party offerings, which force them to provide these vendors with direct and uncontrolled access to data from their production floor. This routine could provide unchecked access to delicate and sensitive organizational information to the external vendors.

OTORIO’s remOT offering aims to rectify this risk, and restore industrial organizations’ control over their supply chain security. It controls user access permissions and roles at the asset and protocol level.

The release of the remOT offering follows last month’s discovery by OTORIO’s researchers of multiple critical vulnerabilities prevailing in industrial remote access software solutions provided by B&R Automation and mbConnect.

The tool allows no direct access to the operational technologies (OT) network, thereby preventing hackers from leveraging and exploiting known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). remOT also provides secure and transparent single-point-of-entry to the OT environment, to better manage risks and protect the industrial network from a single location.

Using secure remote and privileged access management capabilities for the digitized industrial sector, remOT secures the supply chain’s connectivity to industrial assets, and minimizes exposure to cyber threats and their business impact. remOT also restricts the scope of usage to authorized users and prevents unauthorized personnel from entering the network. With remOT, administrators can manage access permissions to users and groups.

Designed by OTORIO’s cyber defense team, remOT offers improved governance in a resilient and safe solution using secure and transparent single-point-of-entry to the OT environment. Compared to existing VPN solutions, remOT does not require IT overhead. A clientless web application enables easy 24/7 access from anywhere to both operational teams and third-party vendors utilizing remOT’s cloud service.

“Due to their control over physical assets and not just data, OT networks face unique challenges with extremely high stakes,” said OTORIO co-founder and CTO Yair Attar in a press statement. “Going forward, industrial assets will be accessed remotely. OTORIO remOT enables companies’ business continuity as they expand remote access to their supply chain.”

remOT offers full control of both physical assets and data by supporting any protocol used in the production environment. With complete visibility of every activity originating from a remote connection, as well as who is doing what and when, and including monitoring with audit logs, remOT minimizes industrial organizations exposure to cyber threats and their business impact.

remOT joins OTORIO’s risk management platform RAM to deliver industrial-native digital and cyber risk management offerings that provide resilient, safe and efficient digital production. remOT integrates with RAM to offer a complete, next-generation OT security platform that protects every aspect of the production and the supply chain.

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