New report from ICS security vendor Applied Risk concludes that the basics of cyber security are still not being practiced regularly and that new cyber security risks are emerging as growing numbers of untested technologies are continuously being integrated within critical infrastructures.  Bottom line, companies must begin to prioritize cyber security

“The complexity of OT environments means that implementing effective cyber security requires analysis and planning. For this, organisations must be able to evaluate and map the risks to an industrial process, use these to consider the potential consequences of an incident taking place and determine effective mitigations to lower the likelihood of the incident taking place or minimize  its impact on industrial processes.”

The State of Industrial Cyber Security 2019, a report analyzing the trends and risks for industrial cyber security, and providing recommendations to safeguard the critical infrastructure our society depends on.  The report identifies the following key trends:

  • Greater public awareness of issues around industrial cyber security
  • Closer integration of OT and IT systems
  • The rapid proliferation of new and untested technologies
  • An increase in the number of cyber security regulations around the world
  • The growth of cyber insurance
  • The shortage of industrial cyber security skills

“Applied Risk strongly believes that cyber security can no longer be treated as an afterthought within industrial environments. By placing it at the heart of their practice and culture, it can deliver real business benefits, mitigating the risk of operational, financial and reputational damage. It can deliver competitive advantage as end customers demand more transparency from their own supply chains. And most of all, it gives organisations the confidence to embrace the opportunities that the digitalisation of industrial environments and IIoT present, while containing the risks that they pose.”

It’s time to get ahead and prioritize cyber security.  Full report can be downloaded here

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prioritize Cyber Security


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