Bayshore teams up with Dimension Data to protect OT in the Middle East


Bayshore Networks announced today they have tapped Dimension Data Middle East to deliver regional sales and support of Bayshore Networks ICS security solutions SCADAfuse®, SCADAwall™, and OTaccess™.

“Customers are transitioning to digital enterprise operations, and this in turn is increasing cybersecurity risks to production. We are committed to addressing industrial cybersecurity risk for our customers in this region,” said Ronald Powell, Regional Solutions Director for Dimension Data Middle East. “Our careful analysis is that Bayshore Network’s solutions are needed in our customer environments to help them protect and enforce cybersecurity in real time to preserve operations technology (OT) safety and availability.”

Dimension Data is an African systems integrator and managed services provider that was recently acquire by NTT Communications.  In Middle East and Africa, Dimension Data remains an independently branded affiliate of NTT Ltd and retains the Dimension Data brand.

“Production operations and critical infrastructure have become economic and political targets. Asset owners are seeking Bayshore Networks solutions because our enforcement technology is faster and more protective than human response can provide,” said Kevin Senator, CEO of Bayshore Networks. “Our solutions help customers from becoming victims from fast-moving malware. We are excited to work as a preferred partner with Dimension Data, Middle East, LLC, recognized in the market for its cybersecurity expertise and its value-added services.”



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