Claroty and Siemens Mobility partner on secure OT security monitoring


Claroty and Siemens Mobility have a launched an integrated solution that allows critical infrastructure operators to deploy a more secure option for OT security monitoring utilizing a one-way data flow from industrial networks.

Claroty announced the integration of its Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) solution with Siemens Mobility Data Capture Unit (DCU). The integration provides a hardware and software combination that delivers a highly secure, one-way data flow from industrial networks to corporate Information Technology (IT) networks and cloud services. The CTD and DCU combination allows an alternative to not only monitor the traffic for advanced threat detection and visibility but also keep a high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and maintain a single direction flow of data through industry-leading equipment.

The announcement seems to mirror a similar offering announced by Waterfall Security late last year – Waterfall Security launches OT/IT Intrusion Detection Systems.

Claroty CTD’s deep packet inspection delivers asset discovery and continuous security monitoring for Operational Technology (OT) networks. CTD maintains a high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) to lower risk in the OT environment. When combined with Siemens DCU for industrial applications, Claroty passively collects, aggregates, and analyzes asset and communications data from OT networks and securely transmits it to the corporate network via Siemens’ DCU.

The DCU from Siemens Mobility is a small, reliable and cost-effective hardware implementation of its patented data diode technology designed for Industrial security and connectivity to eliminate vulnerabilities due to mismanagement and web-based cyber-attacks. This allows the DCU to meet all major cybersecurity regulations for critical infrastructure and operate in rugged industrial environmental conditions. Typically located on the edge of the network, the DCU provides boundary protection for the OT network, and a secure bridge when connected to the IT network.

Working together, Siemens and Claroty provide a secure OT–IT bridge and vendor-neutral connectivity solution, supporting most industrial protocols and equipment. The DCU ensures the highest safety and security level for the protected assets, while CTD enables real-time visibility, threat detection and operational insight across a wide range of protocols on both sides of the connection. Both the hardware and software have been proven in the field for many years and are used in thousands of applications in virtually all industrial sectors.

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More details here

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