NanoLock and Atlantica partner to secure connected devices with managed security service

Nanolock Security managed security service

Connected device security company NanoLock Security recently announced a new partnership with Atlantica Digital and Atlantica CyberNext. As part of the partnership, Atlantica will offer a new NanoLock-enabled managed security service to utilities and industrial companies in Italy and throughout Europe.

“This is a true and sizable market need,” Pierre Louis Levi, president and CEO, Atlantica Digital, said in a press release. “It is critical that the millions of IoT end-devices we support across utilities and industrial settings are securely managed and protected from cyberthreats.”

NanoLock specializes in protecting smart meters¸ Internet of Things technology and connected edge devices. Atlantica Digital currently manages more than 13 million smart meters, in addition to smart lighting and industrial devices. It’s sister company, Atlantica Cybernext, has created a Security Operations Center, which includes the NanoLock-enabled managed security service, to serve its customers with solutions for protecting their business and infrastructure.

“The launch of Atlantica Cybernext comes at a time where the need to support the fast-growing IoT has never been greater,” Levi said. “With NanoLock’s protection¸ management, and monitoring of IoT devices integrated into Atlantica Cybernext SOC, we will be able to offer our customers a robust cybersecurity solution that can protect the millions of new connected devices being installed each year.”

The new service from Atlantica and NanoLock will be commercially available in Q2 2021. It will provide protection-as-a-service against both outsider and insider threats, while NanoLock’s device-level protection and management solution increases cyber resilience, reduces theft and fraud, and lowers operational costs.

“Whether an attack vector is presented by an insider or outsider¸ or for reasons of fraud or theft¸ the utilities and industrial sector face increasing vulnerability as IoT devices like smart meters proliferate,” Eran Fine, CEO of NanoLock, said in the release. “We’re excited to partner with Atlantica Cybernext on their new initiative and our joint solution, and we look forward to bringing powerful security protection to their customers and millions of IoT end-devices.”

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