OTORIO collaborates with Accenture Labs to contain manufacturing and industrial cyberattacks

OTORIO collaborates

OTORIO and Accenture Labs have collaborated on research that aims at mitigating the impact of cyberattacks on manufacturing and industrial infrastructures by leveraging knowledge and experience in cyber digital twins and OT cybersecurity.

With increased connectivity of the manufacturing and industrial infrastructures to IT networks, the OT network that was once isolated from the open internet network, is now vulnerable to external cyberattacks, compromising crucial business processes, OTORIO said.

“The collaboration demonstrates tools to assess the business impact of cyber risks in an OT/ICS environment accounting for actual cyber-attack possibilities, and OT underlying risk elements,” wrote Yair Attar, CTO and co-founder, OTORIO, in a company blog post.

OTORIO designs and markets OT security and digital risk management offerings that empower industrial companies to securely move forward and adopt digital opportunities presented by industry 4.0. The company is a cyber risk-based management solutions provider offering its products and services to industrial companies relying on OT and IT to help protect clients’ business continuity, while keeping safety, reliability and productivity as top priorities.

The research finds that organizations need to have clear visibility into their security posture with regard to their business processes in order to analyze risk impact at scale as well as consequences to business continuity, according to the Tel Aviv based company. Cyber risk mitigation is subject to dynamic priorities of business risk, followed by changing remediation actions and rapid and efficient risk reduction.

Assured business context visibility over the entire OT and IT network is key to helping organizations achieve faster cyber risk reduction. Identifying potential attack paths, assessing their impact over business processes, and optimizing mitigation actions should be evaluated according to business impact, and not only for cyber impact, OTORIO said.

Modern OT attacks typically start with an external attack surface, OTORIO said. The teams demonstrated possible risks to the OT network using a combined attack graph based on a digital twin concept, and a process-aware attack graph that enables users to assess risk accordingly and evaluate potential impact on production and business continuity.

Last month, OTORIO launched remOT, its remote access offering that reduces risks caused by unauthorized or malicious access, and provides monitoring and control to keep networks safe from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. It also provides improved security between the supply chain network and in-house industrial assets, by giving access to assets and services within the industrial network only to authorized remote personnel.

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