Sepio Systems launches new hardware access control solution

Sepio systems

Sepio Systems announced today the launch of it’s hardware access control solution (HAC-1). The new solution is designed to give organizations complete visibility and control over essential hardware devices throughout their enterprise, across networks and endpoint devices.

“In 2016 we created Sepio to mitigate the risk of rogue hardware devices, our SepioPrime platform stops attacks in financial services institutions, insurance companies and critical infrastructure,” Yossi Appleboum, Co-Founder & CEO of Sepio, said in a press release. “Today, Sepio introduces HAC-1, the industry’s first Hardware Access Control solution, which extends our fingerprinting technology to provide complete visibility and control for hardware devices and augment hardware risk mitigation.”

Sepio’s HAC-1 solution is easy to set up with predefined templates, no baselining, no whitelisting, and no requirement for a clean environment start. The solution integrates with existing security platforms such as NACs and SOARs for mitigation and remediation enhancements.  And it uses unique physical layer hardware fingerprinting technology and data augmentation from endpoints and networks.

“Sepio has solved one of the longest standing issues within the cybersecurity arena – hardware security visibility and remediation. With the company’s new solution, enterprises will be able to see what, until now, has been invisible,” Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC, said in the release “As employees re-enter the office around the world, hardware security and device tampering is a top concern as external adversaries look to gain intelligence and sit on the hardware devices for months to years at a time.”

Malware, vulnerabilities targeting OT systems surge

Increasing threats of vulnerabilities are steadily rising, particularly in sensitive areas such as OT systems and network devices, putting vital infrastructure at risk, according to data released by Skybox Research

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