U.S. Department of Defense selects Forescout to safeguard information systems

Forescout Enterprise of Things

The United States Department of Defense has selected cybersecurity company Forescout Technologies to expand cybersecurity across its global enterprise. Forescout has been awarded a multimillion contract to aid the DOD in it’s “Comply to Connect” initiative to better safeguard information systems.

“The opportunity to power this high-profile, comprehensive federal cybersecurity program is a huge validation of our team and technology. We are proud and excited to be at the core of helping the DoD to transition to complete visibility and continuous monitoring of its many large and complex networks and millions of devices,” Michael DeCesare, chief executive officer, Forescout, said in a press release. “The U.S. military has a truly unique environment comprised of traditional information technology (IT) systems as well as embedded IT in mission systems. The DoD needed a platform that would allow it to continuously identify and mitigate cyber risk within these disparate systems to assure mission readiness across the force.”

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s  C2C initiative seeks to provide assurance for authentication, authorization, compliance assessment and automated remediation of devices connecting to the DoD information network. The multi-year C2C program will impact all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as other DoD Agencies and Centers. It covers mission-critical systems such as Internet of Things devices, industrial control systems, weapons systems, autonomous vehicles, and medical gear.

“C2C is one of the largest government cybersecurity initiatives in the world that ensures trusted, authorized devices are rigorously inspected for malicious code, prohibited software, noncompliance and other risks,” the release said. “A major difference between C2C and previous security programs is that C2C is applicable to non-traditional operational technology (OT), commercial smart devices, and embedded control systems that DoD and other agencies increasingly rely on to fulfill their missions, but which cannot host aftermarket security software.”

Forescout has worked with the DoD on the C2C initiative since it’s pilot. This includes work with DISA, the Marine Corps, the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network, and Army Medical Command.

“The DoD determined Forescout’s platform to be most effective at agentless, real-time discovery and classification of every IP-connected device in its office, facility and tactical environments,” the release said. “During the first C2C pilots have also proven efficiencies in their administration workflows through Forescout’s policy-based orchestration with existing security and management tools – a feature that is planned for implementation across the enterprise now that the program is under centralized management.”

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