Waterfall protects IIoT deployments in Hyundai Steel

Waterfall Security Solutions

Security is a top concern for any industrial enterprise seeking to gain operational benefits and  sustainable competitive advantages from Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.  Hyundai Steel in South Korea have tapped Waterfall Security to secure their IIoT deployment and mange threats to their smart manufacturing environment.

Waterfall announced today the successful deployment of its Unidirectional Security Gateways to protect Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments in a pilot project at the Hyundai Steel continuous steel casting plant in Dangjin, South Korea. This deployment is part of an ongoing project between Waterfall and Hyundai Steel, allowing Hyundai Steel to assess the added benefits of using IIoT and Cloud technology, while balancing cybersecurity concerns.

The Unidirectional Gateways deployment provides Hyundai Steel with protection from remote cyber attacks by unidirectionally replicating OPC-UA servers to Hyundai’s enterprise network. The Waterfall replicas provide Hyundai’s enterprise and IIoT systems with safe, transparent access to detailed real-time production data.

“Hyundai Steel partnered with Waterfall, because Waterfall is the world’s #1 OT security company,” said Dr. Joung Han Lee, Senior Plant Manager at Hyundai Steel. “Waterfall technology enables the benefits of IIoT connectivity and big-data analysis without the attack exposure that always comes with software-based security systems. We look forward to publicizing our findings on the added security that Waterfall brings to the table.”

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