Buyer Guide: Industrial Cybersecurity #OT #ICS #IIoT

A bold new future for operational technology

Industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) are being thrust into the future by enabling technologies and transformative waves of innovation such as industry 4.0, IIoT and 5G, which promise to bring major benefits in the form of increased productivity, safety and operational efficiency.

With each transformation comes cybersecurity risks, including an increase in the potential attack surface and a plethora of new attack vectors for cybercriminals to exploit.

This complementary  OT/ICS Cybersecurity Buyers Guide is simply intended to give a clear and concise picture of the major technologies and products available to secure your OT/ICS environment. 

We sincerely hope you find it valuable. 

Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst, Takepoint Research

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