Nozomi Networks introduces new SaaS-based solution for OT and IoT

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Operational technology security company Nozomi Networks Inc. announced a new SaaS-based solution for OT and Internet of Things network visibility and monitoring. The new solution, Vantage, is designed to meet the evolving requirements of IoT-enabled infrastructures.

“Vantage is a game-changer when it comes to simplifying the integration and centralized management of visibility and security across converged OT, IoT and IT networks of any size,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and CPO Andrea Carcano, in a press release. “More organizations embrace IoT and are looking to the future to revolutionize their operations and networks. They must be able to quickly and cost-effectively add thousands of IoT devices or analyze the volumes of data that those devices generate without compromising security. Vantage leverages the power and simplicity of SaaS to give security professionals and operators anytime, anywhere access to the market’s most advanced OT and IoT network visibility and security.”

The new Saas-based solution is designed for massive scalability and high-performance data analytics. It promises to deliver a single view and network mapping so customers can immediately visualize all of their globally distributed OT and IoT assets.

Vantage features enterprise-wide visibility that provides instant awareness of OT and IoT assets, activity patterns, and risks on the networks. Customers will be able to quickly identify cyber threats, risks, and anomalies for faster response.

Additionally, Vantage includes continuously updated threat intelligence that helps the Saas-based solution identify vulnerabilities on every system and generate alerts on malicious activity using signatures and behavioral-based detection technologies. Similarly, its asset intelligence ensures accurate anomaly detection so customers can quickly respond to OT and IoT threats and process anomalies before they cause disruption.

“Vantage leverages Nozomi Networks’ deep industrial expertise and harnesses its elite partner ecosystem of OEMs and traditional IT providers to help organizations control TCO with streamlined cybersecurity integrations,” Nozomi says in the release. “The SaaS offering scales easily across multi-vendor environments to centralize security, visibility and monitoring across all assets for improved cyber resiliency. Subscription pricing makes it easier to scale and control costs as requirements grow.”

Vantage is currently available to qualified Nozomi Networks customers only and will be generally available in Spring 2021.

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