Criminals Profit with OTT Streaming Credentials Available on Dark Web for Under $9


Hundreds of stolen login details for popular OTT services are available every month on the dark web for an average of only $8.81, potentially putting consumers at risk and impacting OTT revenues, according to new research by Irdeto.

Via dark web marketplaces, a variety of products, accounts and services can be bought, including account credentials for a range of pay TV and Video on Demand (VOD) OTT services. This means that legitimate subscribers could have had their accounts compromised and used illegally for a small one-off fee. Consumers should therefore be vigilant of any unusual or unfamiliar activity on their account, changing their password regularly.

The Irdeto Global Consumer Piracy Threat Report looks at pay TV credential availability on the dark web, global piracy hotspots and the market in illicit streaming devices (ISD’s). The report provides advice for content owners and rights holders and analyses the threat to consumers, outlining how they can be vigilant and avoid the risks of digital piracy.

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