CyberX Enhances Industrial Threat Intelligence with Automated Threat Extraction Platform


CyberX, the IoT and industrial control system (ICS) security company, today announced it has enhanced its specialized IoT/ICS threat intelligence capabilities with a new automated threat extraction platform that uses machine learning to identify malware and APT campaigns targeting industrial and critical infrastructure organizations.

Named Ganymede, the new platform is significantly more scalable than traditional threat intelligence approaches that rely on human analysts and manual techniques. And unlike traditional threat intelligence produced by IT security firms, Ganymede is unique in focusing on IoT/ICS/OT-specific threat intelligence for industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Ganymede also incorporates the industry’s first IoT/ICS/OT-specific malware analysis sandbox.

Ganymede was designed to dramatically reduce the time required to identify, hunt, and eradicate destructive malware such as LockerGoga that has cost industrial organizations tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and cleanup.

CyberX PR Here 

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