CyberX Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community


CyberX, the OT cybersecurity company safeguarding critical industrial infrastructures worldwide, today launched the CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring App for QRadar, which leverages IBM security intelligence technology to enable a unified approach to IT and Operational Technology (OT) security in the corporate SOC.

In the wake of sophisticated industrial threats such as WannaCry/NotPetya, Industroyer/CrashOverride, and TRITON, industrial cybersecurity is a critical priority.

Tightly-integrating CyberX’s purpose-built OT security platform with IBM QRadar enables organizations to respond more quickly, allowing CISOs to strengthen OT security while building upon the significant investments they’ve already made in people, workflows, and technology for the corporate SOC. In particular, the new app provides SOC analysts with deeper visibility into the specialized OT protocols and IIoT devices deployed in industrial control system (ICS) environments, along with ICS-specific behavioral analytics to rapidly detect suspicious or anomalous behavior.

CyberX PR Here

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