CyberX Sponsors SANS Webcast Describing New Approach for Securing Critical Industrial Infrastructure


CyberX, the IIoT and industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company, is sponsoring an educational SANS Webcast featuring Andy Bochman, senior grid strategist for National & Homeland Security at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and Phil Neray, VP of Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX.

Titled “CCE — INL’s New Approach to Securing Critical Industrial Infrastructure,” the webinar will describe a new approach to securing critical industrial infrastructure called consequence-driven cyber-informed engineering (CCE).

In this webinar, Bochman, a nationally recognized cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in securing our national infrastructure, will outline the four major steps to the CCE method — identifying your crown jewel processes, mapping the digital terrain, illuminating the likely attack paths, and generating options for mitigation and protection.

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