Dragos S4 Detection Challenge Showcases In-depth Asset Identification and Analyst Workflow


Dragos, Inc., provider of the industry’s most trusted industrial cybersecurity platform and services, today announced the successful completion of the S4 Detection Challenge with findings showcased by company researchers at the ICS Detection Challenge: Analysis and Results session at the S4 ICS cyber security event in Miami Beach last week.

As a testament to the progress the ICS security community has made in the past year, the 2019 detection challenge was designed to simulate a real-world ICS incident, incorporating 400 GB of packet captures from a real-world mining operation with a set of adversaries “injected” by the S4 organizers for participants to find.

“More than 500 hours of effort were put into developing the challenge, transforming it from last year’s challenge based on 3GB of data. This year presented a much more complicated attack sequence to better represent a real-world, multi-component attack, designed to significantly test participating ICS security vendors’ capabilities in asset identification, threat detection, and response. “ said Ron Brash, manager in Risk Advisory at Deloitte Canada and S4 challenge developer.

Dragos PR Here

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