Dragos WorldView Industrial Threat Intelligence Now Available Through Anomali Threat Platform


Dragos, Inc., provider of the industrial industry’s most trusted asset identification, threat detection and response platform and services, today announced that Dragos’ WorldView industrial threat intelligence will integrate with the Anomali Threat Platform, making it more convenient for analysts to access all necessary threat intelligence in a single view.

While enterprise IT threat intelligence is well-established and fairly commonplace, coverage of operational technology (OT)-focused threats is relatively limited, meaning that security teams have a fragmented view of threats in their IT/OT environments—they lack a holistic, unified understanding of the vulnerabilities and constantly evolving threat landscape across their entire IT/OT environment.

With this new integration, which applies to both Dragos WorldView reports and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), analysts will be able to view the Dragos Industrial Control System (ICS) threat intelligence content alongside other intelligence feeds at a glance.

Dragos PR Here 

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