Franprix Digitalizes ItSCADAfence and NRI Secure Join Forces to Secure OT Networks in Japans Local Communication With ARMIS


SCADAfence, the global leader in operational technology (OT) security and the most widely deployed OT security platform in Japan, and NRI SecureTechnologies (NRI Secure), a leading global cybersecurity firm, are partnering to secure manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and smart buildings in Japan. The agreement extends NRI Secure’s managed IT security and security consulting services into OT security.

The growing adoption of advanced industrial IoT technologies has increased vulnerability to cyberattacks targeting industrial control systems (ICS) in industrial facilities and building management systems. Recent attacks have resulted in critical production downtime and significant financial losses. Another growing concern is the possibility of cyberattacks that exploit vulnerabilities to manipulate industrial IoT devices in smart buildings, including those for HVAC systems, access control, elevators, surveillance cameras, etc.

SCADAfence PR Here

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