INCA and OPSWAT Join Forces to Protect Customers from Malware


OPSWAT CTO Taeil Goh joined INCA Internet Corporation (Korean: 잉카인터넷) recently at the launch event for INCA’s new TACHYON line of cyber security products. Taeil presented an overview of OPSWAT data sanitization (CDR) technology, which INCA has incorporated into its TACHYON product as a key feature.

A tachyon is a particle that moves faster than the speed of light. INCA Internet’s TACHYON solution detects and removes malware at previously unheard of speeds, allowing organizations and individuals to use servers, PCs, and other devices, safely and securely.

“We’re very happy to expand our long-running partnership with INCA by offering OPSWAT’s data sanitization technology as part of INCA’s TACHYON product line,” said Taeil. “OPSWAT has also been provided with INCA’s TACHYON anti-malware engine, which benefits many OPSWAT customers.”




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