Indentive Prioritizes Consumer Security for Its State-of-the-Art IoT Platform


Irdeto is partnering with Indentive, a Swedish IoT technology provider, to secure its home IoT platform, Connective. Indentive will implement Irdeto Cloakware® to ensure that security is built into the basis of the home network, including the latest generation of its consumer-facing IoT applications. This move is intended to offer better and more efficient protection than the retrofitting that often occurs in the IoT industry today, leading to unnecessary costs and performance overhead.

Irdeto will work with Indentive to secure both its IoT gateway device through its Secure Environment product as well as harden the companion mobile IoT apps through Cloakware to ensure a secure smart home environment for consumers.

Indentive’s Connective platform is initially scheduled to be rolled out in seven cities in Sweden.

Irdeto PR Here

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