Mocana Integrates With Intel Secure Device Onboard To Simplify IoT Device Security


Mocana Corporation (Mocana), a leading provider of mission-critical IoT security solutions for industrial control systems and the Internet of Things, today announced full integration of Mocana TrustCenter™ with the Intel® Secure Device Onboard (Intel® SDO) service.

This new collaboration will reduce the time it takes to automate the provisioning of credentials and security configurations the device requires before being allowed on corporate networks. This integration dramatically reduces costly customer pre-loading of security configurations in the supply chain and delivers a just in time model where the device can be dynamically provisioned without human intervention as it is powered on.

Mocana TrustCenter™ ensures supply chain integrity, offering full management of cybersecurity across the entire IoT device security lifecycle – embedded systems and software development, manufacturing, device enrollment, and secure firmware updates. Ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of control systems is critical, especially with the continuing attacks on mission-critical systems used by aerospace, defense, industrial manufacturing, transportation, medical, and automotive companies.

Mocana PR Here

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