Mocana Introduces Cyber Protection Solution For Massive IoT, Smart Cities And Distributed Intelligence Networks


Mocana Corporation (Mocana), the leading provider of integrated device security solutions for IoT and control systems, today announced the availability of a cyber protection solution for massive IoT, smart cities and distributed intelligence networks. The solution is based on new device admission control capabilities for Mocana’s TrustPoint™ on-device security software solution.

Used by major industrial and IoT device manufacturers, TrustPoint™ is protecting more than 100 million devices today. The new controls allow TrustPoint™-enabled devices with limited memory and processing power, such as process sensors and IoT devices, to use certificate-based authentication and network filtering embedded into the device’s software to defend against network-based cyber attacks.

These new capabilities are especially important for securing smart city, smart lighting, industrial and massive IoT applications.

Mocana PR Here

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