mPrest’s Grid Modernization System of Systems, Integrates Grid Sentry and UMS Group to Deliver Optimal Wildfire Mitigation and Major Event Management Solution


mPrest, Grid Sentry and UMS Group announced today their industry-first fully integrated solution for wildfire detection, damage mitigation, line de-energization, grid intelligence and event restoration.

mPrest’s field proven System of Systems integrates Grid Sentry’s Intelligent Line Sensor Platform and UMS Group’s NRx/VMx Network Reliability and Vegetation Management Platforms. mPrest, Grid Sentry and UMS Group will be attending the Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit, March 20-21, 2019, Sacramento, CA.

mPrest’s mFusion Command application is integrated with its System of Systems Orchestration platform, and is based on a micro-services architecture. mPrest’s System of Systems is designed to interface with multiple utility and government emergency agency data streams, to provide complete visualization, optimization, alerts and intelligence for grid operators, command center analysts, and management and local authorities.

mPrest PR Here

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