mPrest’s New Volt-VAr Control Product Enables Utilities to Seamlessly Integrate Distributed Energy Resources and Generation Farms into Existing Power Grids


mPrest, the mission-critical monitoring, control and big data analytics software leader for the industrial IoT market, announced today the release of mVVC, its new Volt-VAr Control product. An integral part of its Intelligent Grid System of Systems offering for power utilities, mVVC manages solar PV farms as well as traditional Volt-VAr solutions for optimal energy efficiency and power quality. mPrest’s mVVC product is the first end-to-end solution enabling utilities to combine Volt-VAr quality targets with Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) in order to regulate, optimize and automate the electricity distribution system.

As more PV farms are integrated into the utility scale grid, these and other distributed energy resources (DERs) can cause inefficient operational situations that the traditional power grid is not designed to accommodate. As utility consumers demand access to more sustainable energy, the need to integrate and manage solar PV farms and other DERs into legacy grids has become acute.

DERs and grid-scale assets – which enable solar or other renewable energy forms, EV charging and energy storage – are sweeping the electricity market, driving utilities to reimagine their operational grid model. mPrest’s mVVC Volt-VAr Control product provides utilities with new, enhanced visibility into the system’s operation and performance, including data to support predictive failure analytics for crucial asset health management.

mPrest PR Here

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