NCCoE Selects Dragos to Collaborate on Asset Management Project for the Energy Sector


Dragos, Inc., the trusted leader in industrial threat detection and response technology and services, announced today it has been selected by the NCCoE as a technology collaborator on the Energy Sector Asset Management Project, which aims to help energy providers monitor, manage, and secure their assets.

“Asset discovery is an important step in the pursuit of detecting threats to industrial operations, and the Dragos Platform provides industrial control systems (ICS) defenders with unprecedented knowledge of assets and activity, the threats and adversaries they face, and the tools and knowledge to defend against them,” said Dragos’ Director of Business Development Matt Cowell. “Dragos is excited to collaborate with NCCoE and other technology vendors on this latest use case, providing further cybersecurity guidance to the energy sector.”

The Dragos Platform is an automated network monitoring, threat detection, and response platform that uses an intelligence-based approach to passively identify ICS assets and communications, alert to malicious activity, and guide defenders step-by-step if a threat is found.

Dragos PR Here

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