Pay TV Operators Empower Consumer Choice with Irdeto Armor for Android TV


Consumers today want choice. While providing open platforms like Android TV can help enable choice and provide pay TV operators with a competitive edge, there are security challenges they must address with open platforms. To tackle these challenges, Irdeto has launched its Android TV security solution named “Irdeto Armor.”

Designed to protect the device, data and services built on Android TV, Irdeto Armor now provides operators with the ability to securely manage this open platform. By supporting broadcast, OTT and new apps through open platforms like Android TV, operators are better able to address consumer demand now and in the future. In order to succeed in today’s ever-evolving pay TV landscape, operators need to offer innovative and secure platforms.

Irdeto Armor for Android TV enables operators to reap the benefits of Android TV while maintaining full control of security on their platform, including managing content piracy and preventing loading of unauthorized software.

Irdeto PR Here

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