Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers with Irdeto Trusted Telemetry


IoT plays a significant role in shaping the future of manufacturing. However, as the manufacturing and industrial space has become connected, Industrial Control Systems have become a strategic and lucrative hacking target.

According to a recent Irdeto survey, 79% of organizations in the manufacturing sector have experienced a cyberattack targeting IoT devices. When it comes to combating cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector, organizations need to be less reactive and more proactive. To help organizations become more proactive, Irdeto has launched Trusted Telemetry to deliver reliable information on security events in real-time to provide early warning of cyberattacks.

A key component of Cloakware® Security Services, Trusted Telemetry is the only solution that reliably delivers security events that get to the heart of a cyberattack in progress and insights to correlate events to obtain a true big picture.

Irdeto PR Here 

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