Widespread Cheating in Multiplayer Online Games Drives Gamers in Asia Pacific Away


Gamers in Asia Pacific are most likely to have their multiplayer gaming experience negatively impacted by other players cheating, according to new online research by Irdeto. Of gamers surveyed in China, 77% said that this happens frequently, followed by South Korea at 68%, above the global average of 59%.

The Irdeto Global Gaming Survey of 9,436 consumers also indicated that gamers in South Korea (88%) and China (85%) feel most strongly about securing multiplayer games online against other players gaining an unfair advantage through cheating — higher than the global average of 76%. This indicates a clear and direct correlation between consumers who have been negatively impacted by cheating and the level of importance they place on securing these games.

Of the consumers surveyed online across six different countries, including China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK and US, the Asia Pacific (APAC) markets showed the highest likelihood of discontinuing a multiplayer game online if they thought other players were cheating to gain an unfair advantage. Of online gamers surveyed in South Korea, 86% are likely to stop playing, followed by China (81%) and Japan (74%).

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