Owl Cyber Defense and Dragos partner on remote asset monitoring security

remote asset monitoring

Network security provider Owl Cyber Defense and industrial cybersecurity company Dragos announced a new partnership around remote asset monitoring security for operational technology and industrial control systems. Together the two companies are working to help industrial and critical infrastructure organizations securely gain visibility of ICS/OT assets within a centralized platform.

“More companies are recognizing that digital transformation in the OT space drives the need for better cybersecurity to maintain operational safety and reliability,” Dennis Lanahan, Head of Partnerships and OEM Sales at Owl Cyber Defense, said in a press release. “With the number of digital OT assets skyrocketing, visibility into operations and performance data becomes increasingly important. The combination of the Dragos Platform, to visualize, detect and monitor digital assets, with Owl’s ability to securely deliver network traffic from those assets to a remote monitoring center, will be hugely beneficial to the overall operational security of organizations in the OT space.”

In an effort to better secure remote asset monitoring, Owl and Dragos will provide a secure, one-way data transfer of network traffic through a hardware-enforced data diode to the Dragos Platform for detection and response. Their combined solution will allow for in-depth ICS/OT asset and device visibility, rapid identification and pinpointing of cyber threats, reduced ICS/OT cybersecurity risk, reduced threat discovery time, decreased incident response time, and more.

“Network segmentation and threat detection are two core requirements of any effective security program,” Matt Cowell, Senior Director of Business Development at Dragos, said in the release. “By leveraging Dragos Platform with Owl data diodes, defenders of industrial control systems can be assured that they have a powerful combination of compatible technologies to quickly detect and respond to threat activities while maintaining a strong perimeter protecting critical OT assets and systems.”

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