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Robust solutions need to work in the real world, not just exist on the drawing board. 1898 & Co. was born to turbocharge that purpose and is focused on envisioning and enabling the future for clients, making it both practical and progressive. Business depends on resilient operations and workforce safety. Clients need a partner that knows critical infrastructure facilities, is familiar with the evolving threats and risks they face, and is a steady hand navigating ever-evolving regulatory challenges. Risk management and resiliency for critical infrastructure environments are all about safety and reliable operations. 1898 & Co. achieve risk management and resiliency using a three-pronged approach that balances regulatory compliance, system reliability and cyber risk management. The team integrates consultants experienced in all three areas, and is focused on improving the safety, security and reliability of the critical infrastructure. It delivers people, processes and technology that enable risk and resiliency, preparedness and situational awareness. The team knows that protecting assets is a balancing act, weighing what’s right for the business, managing risks and deploying offerings that enable focusing on core business. Its highly experienced consultants help strategize, design, implement and operate a cybersecurity program that balances business goals, budget and risk tolerance. It acts as a force multiplier for the organization, program and workforce, and will help establish a culture of resiliency. Services Include: ● Asset inventory ● Business outcome solutions ● Diagnostic assessments ● Incident response ● Strategy and advisory ● Secure system design and implementation ● Training
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Securing Industrial Robots

The use of robots in industrial environments is becoming increasingly common. According to a recent Research and Markets report, the global industrial robotics market accounted

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