Airbus Cybersecurity

Airbus OT security services help critical infrastructure providers to build and maintain persistent cyber resilience for interconnected industrial systems. The company follows a three-step approach for Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity – Access, Protect, and Manage. Airbus is an experienced player in this industry, and offers industry-specific know-how for critical and complex infrastructure and production environments. 

Airbus OT services solution is modular in nature, and can be integrated into existing security programs and ways of working.

Services include:

Access: The service includes OT asset discovery and analysis, OT security maturity check, OT security pen-testing, and risk assessment.

Protect: It includes services like OT policies and framework consulting, OT security design, integration, and training and awareness. 

Manage: These services include SOC, managed OT security infrastructure and cyber-on-demand.

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