To counter the growing industrial cybersecurity risks and threats, Deloitte’s cyber threat management for Operational Technology (OT) uses a combination of cybersecurity offerings and services to manage cyber risks in Industrial Control System (ICS) environments. The integrated end-to-end offering leverages Deloitte Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF), technology platforms, Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC), and dedicated ICS threat intelligence team. 

Services include:

  • With the Deloitte CSF based on industry standards such as ISO27001/2, NIST 800-82/53 and IEC 62443, Deloitte sets a standard in helping organizations assess their maturity, and in developing and tracking the implementation of ICS security. 
  • Deloitte uses a technology platform that helps in managing asset inventory and ICS assessments. 
  • Deloitte assists with deploying the ICS platform for continuous monitoring. 
  • Deloitte Secure Operations Center (SOC) as a managed service. 
  • Deloitte leverages the technology partner’s Threat Operation Center for extended ICS knowledge, training and intelligence. 

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