DXC Technology

DXC Technology’s Operational Technology (OT) Diagnostic provides consulting services and specialized tools to help organizations gain insights into their enterprise’s OT cyber maturity. It combines skills and experience, partner technologies, and DXC’s Cyber Reference Architecture (CRA) to elevate industrial cybersecurity in client’s OT environments. 

The company has more than 3,500 security advisors and a global network of security operations centers.

Services include:

Cyber Defense: Consists of tailored offerings to support the digital enterprise, enabling them to monitor and respond to evolving threat landscapes.

Secured Infrastructure: Helps meet the unique security requirements of clients through design, installation, and integration of perimeter, network, endpoint, and advanced threat protection offerings.

Digital Identity: Includes provisioning and access governance to deliver strong authentication and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that protects the enterprise.Data Protection: Helps with protecting critical data and assists enterprises understand the use of critical content.

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