Founded - 1890; HQ - St. Louis, MO
Emerson manufactures products and provides engineering services across industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. As part of its OT services, the firm combines its power and water cybersecurity suite with a portfolio of industrial cybersecurity services to deliver platform-independent offerings. Its solution also helps in securing all assets, and strengthening the OT security posture.  Emerson’s OT security services include project services, lifecycle services, educational services, and cybersecurity services. Services include: Project Services: This includes systems projects, instrumentation projects, valve projects, conceptual design and feasibility studies, and data management services. Lifecycle services: This covers a set of flexible services to support the specific needs of the control system and cybersecurity suite.  Educational services: Includes ongoing training programs for operators, engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel. Cybersecurity services: This involves services for critical infrastructure protection, such as assessment services, custom cybersecurity services, and fleet cybersecurity services.
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Securing Industrial Robots

The use of robots in industrial environments is becoming increasingly common. According to a recent Research and Markets report, the global industrial robotics market accounted

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