HCL’s Managed Services provide the ability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, evaluate, and recommend,  to help maintain a responsive industrial cybersecurity ecosystem. The managed services also complete the ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework’ by ensuring that the posture is continuously monitored and reviewed for 360-degree protection, around the clock and across the globe.

Services include:

HCL offers three services as part of its ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework’:

Strategy and Architecture (Plant OT-IT): This includes risk assessment, asset definition and inventory management, cybersecurity assessment consulting, security controls, and convergence consulting services.

Transformation and Integration (Controls Validation and Integration): This includes operations protection, network design security, network segregation, systems and connected device security configuration, implementation of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerability management tools, and plant IT/OT security monitoring services.

Managed Services (Continuous Security Lifecycle Improvement): This includes business-aligned security service management, track and monitor cyber incidence, threat and vulnerability management, continuous review and predictive maintenance, and triage management and service.

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