Founded - 2017; HQ - New York

Our mission is to protect every clinical network from cyberattacks.

The Medigate platform understands medical device protocols, existing and potential cyber threats, as well as expected device behavior. It meticulously analyzes device and network communication, as well as medical workflow patterns, to accurately detect anomalous behavior and identify threats in real time with minimal false positives.
Our platform discovers and precisely identifies every connected device on your clinical network. Utilizing our industry-leading medical device signature database developed by Medigate Research Labs, we fingerprint each device with deep packet inspection (DPI) techniques, allowing dynamic inventory management and facilitating advanced detection and prevention capabilities.
Our platform leverages data gathered through its visibility and detection capabilities. It minimizes the device attack surface through clinical micro segmentation and tailored security policies. The detailed device identifications enrich existing NACs and firewalls to deliver a comprehensive security suite with granular and clinical contextual security policies.
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Securing Industrial Robots

The use of robots in industrial environments is becoming increasingly common. According to a recent Research and Markets report, the global industrial robotics market accounted

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