NTT Ltd.

NTT works with global organizations to achieve business outcomes through technology offerings. Its Intelligent Cybersecurity services help clients create a digital business, which is secure by design. With its threat intelligence, NTT helps users to predict, detect, and respond to cyberthreats, while supporting business innovation and managing risk. 

NTT believes in securing both IT and Operational Technology (OT) at the same time, as the two environments are converging. Using a ‘Secured by Design’ methodology, NTT’s offerings help clients secure the OT network every step of the digital journey with intelligence-driven security – from planning and design, to implementation, to live operations and monitoring, and lifecycle maintenance.

Services Include: 

OT Cybersecurity Advisory: Delivered by OT cybersecurity consultants, NTT bridges the client’s IT-OT gap, performs rapid and detailed OT cybersecurity assessments, and delivers an IT-OT converged assessment.

IT-OT Threat Monitoring: SOC-based service that monitors threats in both IT and OT networks. This service is technology agnostic and focuses on outcomes. Client uses this service to obtain state-of-the-art monitoring.

IT-OT Managed Security Services: SOC-delivered service that covers a client’s end-to-end cybersecurity operation to help manage technology lifecycle such as configuration, and patching.

Global Technology Services: Delivered by technical experts, NTT provides best of breed technology, carries out in-depth design workshops, and manages deployment. Its footprint supports a variety of procurement and deployment models – globally, locally, or both.

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