Otorio’s OT offering enables a controlled and manageable digitalization process. The company offers holistic industrial-tailored expert services and platforms to utilize talents and machine power. The solution has a three-step process

  • Assess: Assess security controls, identify and resolve gaps in client’s OT security
  • Manage: Continuous monitoring of the attack surface and threat landscape
  • Respond: Respond to reduce the potential impact and restore the OT network’s operational integrity.


Cyber Risk Officer as a Service: The service offers assessment of the company’s IT-OT converged environment, including network, assets, and processes.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI): This service creates a map of threats which provides a better understanding of the current landscape and predicts future developments. Cyber Risk Officer as a Service conducts an ongoing investigation of clients’ digital footprint, in addition to active threat intelligence hunting on customer premise.

Security Operations Center (SOC): A centralized cybersecurity situation center. The service continuously monitors and scans for digital security gaps, and then highlights and prioritizes actionable risk-reduction measures.