PwC provides industrial cybersecurity services to increase the security posture of  ICS/OT systems. PwC can help an industrial organization in various ways, such as through strategy and governance, security architecture, security implementation, threat and vulnerability management, risk and compliance, incident management, managed services, and identity and access management (IAM) security.

Services include:

ICS risk assessments: The assessment covers system records and activities to determine the adequacy of system controls. The activities include a review of network architecture and network security systems configuration to assess operating efficiency of technical controls.

ICS vulnerability assessment /penetration testing: This evaluation provides a three-step approach to examine the ICS security posture. It includes capabilities to test ICS network from the internet, test ICS network from IT, and test selected offline ICS systems for vulnerabilities. 

Compliance assistance: PwC can help industries in adapting to international and country-specific security standards.

Security operations center (SOC): PwC also provides services SOCs to set up a combined ICS-IT environment.

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