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  • iSID – Industrial Threat Detection:Radiflow’s iSID Detection & Analysis Platform provides proactive cybersecurity for critical infrastructures through non-intrusive monitoring of distributed production networks for changes in topology and behavior.iSID’s multiple security engines offer capabilities pertaining to specific type of network activity: modeling and visibility of OT and IT devices, protocols and sessions; detection of threats and attacks; policy monitoring and validation of operational parameters; rules-based maintenance management; and networked device management.
  • iCEN Central Monitoring:iCEN simplifies and streamlines the monitoring and management of multiple instances of Radiflow’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection Systems.iCEN is part of cyber-protection ecosystem which includes, alongside iSID, also the iSAP Smart Collector. This unique ecosystem allows large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy OT network visibility and threat detection capabilities.
  • iSim Industrial Service Manager:iSIM is an intuitive network management tool for Radiflow’s secure ruggedized gateways installed at remote sites and substations. It provides a real-time view of all networked devices and allows combining devices on disparate networks into a single group for simple, quick cross-network maintenance, thus increasing the cost-effectiveness of the operator’s overall cybersecurity operation.
  • iSOC – Radiflow for MSSPs:

Radiflow’s MSSP offering addresses the critical challenges facing ICS/IIoT security service providers: assuring secure and efficient data collection, analysis and transfer, as well as provisioning multiple detection engines, in a cloud environment.

  • iRISK – Industrial Risk Analytics:

iRISK’s automatically generates a full risk-status report, detailing network properties, overall risk score, extent of risk introduced by devices and protocols, likelihood of lateral threat movement between business processes, potential attack paths and more. The process is triggered automatically each time a change is detected on the network.

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