Founded - 1847; HQ - Munich, Germany
Siemens Energy helps users confront growing cyber threats with its monitoring, detection and protection offerings for critical infrastructure.  The company assists customers navigate through the challenges and opportunities of strengthening industrial cyber defenses, as attackers increasingly seek to exploit complex relationships between the IT and Operational Technology (OT) environments that run energy assets in digital ecosystems.  The company places cybersecurity at the core of its clients’ business by providing executives and cyber professionals with the visibility, context and control needed to identify threats to their operating environment – stopping them before execution.  Services include: AI-based technologies: Siemens’ AI-based monitoring, detection and response offerings provide energy companies and critical infrastructure operators with the visibility and context to stop attacks before they execute. With enterprise-scale offerings for small and mid-sized companies, Siemens’ MRD platform comes powered by Eos.ii, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methodologies to gather and model real-time energy asset intelligence.  Professional services: The power of Siemens Energy’s industrial cybersecurity expertise is based on human intelligence – experts who can seamlessly transition from analyzing intelligence in the digital world to acting in the physical world to stop an attack.  The company’s OT-trained cyber experts work with customers from the time a potential threat is detected to the time it is neutralized.  Industrial Cyber Integrator:  Siemens Energy’s OT-native industrial cybersecurity competence provides critical technologies and offerings for industrial operating environments.
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Securing Industrial Robots

The use of robots in industrial environments is becoming increasingly common. According to a recent Research and Markets report, the global industrial robotics market accounted

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